What is Financial Information Analyzer?

Dear Business Owners & Entrepreneurs,
Data Analysis has become a must to do activity as it provides insight for smarter and effective decision making. Timely analysis and action is the key to success as information is dynamic and fast changing. Traditionally this insight comes from Auditor or Accountant after the period is over.

Analyze data by yourself and get insights 24x7 online and in real time. To give you latest insights whenever you need, DeltaEta is introducing FIA, your personal Financial Information Analyzer for correct and timely decision making. Subscribe to reuse data, save time and avail free consultation. It is a handy tool every Business Owner and Entrepreneur should possess.

Benefits of using FIA

Analyses the current month's Costs (FC & VC up to 7 product types, Revenues, Work days till date and gives insight on the following.

  • Current month's Profits in value and % as on date.
  • Breakeven-Achieved or the gap to achieve.
  • Forecast Turnover and Profit in % for the month.
  • Predict the needed Turnover this month to achieve desired profit.
  • Ranks the 7 different products on the basis of profitability. Similarly FC and VC elements on value.
  • Simulate to stimulate growth (Objective based Change).
  • FIA helps monitor enterprise's progress.
Features of FIA
  • Do it yourself as its simple and easy to use.
  • Data confidentiality as Username and Password are subscriber's property.
  • Accessible 24x7 on laptop, Tab and Android phones.
  • Calculations are scientific and based on filled data.
  • Product based costing is followed for accuracy.
  • Email or download the report for future reference.
  • Multilingual.
Benefits of Subscribing
  • Time saving as only the new data (Quantity /worked days) needs to be entered for latest analysis.
  • Free Consultation - email the report (data and result) from the registered mail id to fia@deltaeta.in and get 2 Suggestions to improve Profits.

Production & Assembly unit

Any enterprise using raw material to produce a finished or semi finished product.
Eg - Bakery, Fabrication unit, Hollow/pavement blocks, Farms, Printing ..

Shops & Sales Outlets

Any enterprise which sells products made by some other enterprise.
Eg - Medical Shop, Building materials, Textile shops, Franchisees, Mobile shops ..


Any enterprise which meets a need using resources and time.

Eg - Salons, Institutions, Gym, Internet services, Event management ..

Feasibility Study

Any new venture studied for its future financial performance based on expected costs and sales.
Eg - Restaurant, Computer Centre, shops, production unit ..

How to subscribe to FIA?

Go to Subscribe page to make FIA your own.
The subscription is only Rs 98/ month and Rs 999/ annum (GST and KFC included) inside India. For overseas Subscribers, its detailed in the Subscribe Page.
After registering and paying, set up your exclusive username and password and LOGIN using the credentials
Invoice shall be sent on registered email id in 48 hours.


All cards and online banking systems are welcome.

Free Use of FIA

Entrepreneurs can avail all of the above benefits free of charge using a common username and password. Go to free use page to get the UN and PW. However the report shall be deleted regularly, ensuring data confidentiality.

How to Use it ?

Visit Demo page where an introductory demo as well as activity demo in many languages await you.
After LOGIN press FIA button to open blank page, enter the data, press save draft and then press calculate to get the results.
To view FC, VC or Product ranking analysis press the panels.
To predict needed turnover, enter desired Profit in the white cell .
To simulate press SIMULATOR button, change data and then press calculate.
To reuse past data, press View icon on the saved page to open , press Copy button, Save draft, Input new data, then press calculate button.
Keep a calculator handy or in a window to calculate multiple datas - eg electricity, water paid in a month.
Pls enter only the annual expenses paid in that month. e.g Insurance premium paid annually, if paid in May, pls enter the full amount. If AMC is paid in July enter in July as we are calculating monthly result.
LOGOUT after use.

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